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But do you find yourself looking at a certain charachter sometimes - artistic, fursuit or otherwise - and see them as something other than what their creator has designated them to be?

I dunno, because i've been looking at one post-humanic binturong/anglerfish hybrid charachter in particular A LOT lately and i really don't find myself seeing him as this malevolently bloodthirsty mutant entity that was created and designed for evil - i somehow am beginning to romaticize him as some sort of furry answer to Spawn in a way...

When the builder of the suit posted the finished head a while back on Fursuit, i did point out that it's design did look kind of meerkatish in a way just by the way it was structured, so i look at this guy as some sort of lycan alterform of a surinine figure - at first he is confused and as to why he has become this rather demonic looking beast, but as he discovers himself and learns how to use his powers, he chooses a path of good over evil and knows that he can be counted on to defend his territory and rescue his friends from certain peril if the case need be...

And i'm just wondering: Have you ever kinda felt the same way about someone's else's fursona and seen them in your own eyes as something other than what they are portrayed as? Discuss.
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