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What do you guys think? Should i kinda write this thing down with the rough idea that i've got so far and make the rest up as i go along or should i just wait until i have a more uniform and realized narrative before i do so?

Here is the rough concept i have so far for this story muse thing that's been itching at me for the last few months...


There's this little hamlet in the suburbs of Florida called Afiniti where humans and anthroid exist in cohabitation - but a creature known by the name of Mt. Zion has been haunting the area and killing some of the locals, so there is something of an uneasy placidness hovering over the vicinity as a result of this creature's presence in the community.
In the midst of all of this, we meet a meerkat named Montgomery Ezekiel Blaine (inspired by Antimon's meerkat charachter), a bitter and jaded creature who's seen his share of grief and despair as a result of being constantly haunted by the spectre of death since he was a child (dad was a mob boss who got whacked, mom killed herself in front of him, family members and close friends also died through unavoidable circumstances), so his experiences have left him disillusioned in life.
As we first meet him, he is in the final stages of debating the possibility to end it all and drawing his unfortunate life to a close. He is greeted by a new member of the household - a ferret named Poincarius Francisco Ciccone - who befriends him, finds a paralell with him as he discloses his own tragedies and makes a bond with him - but he also senses a unusual royal air about him. However, fate has other plans for the meerkat, and on the eve of his planned self-inflicted demise, the gun jams on him as he pulls the trigger - and as he heads to a friend's to see if the gun can be repaired, the bat-like walrus creature attacks him under the belief that he is the one that he looking for. Although Poincarius sees the attack and intervenes to defend him from the creature, the damage has been done: Zion has injected a potent lycanthropic venom into his system and turned him into a member of the Lycabra.
For the next few days, everything seems fairly normal in his life, but then he begins to experience a strange illness one night that begins to trouble him as it becomes more pronounced. He thinks about going to the hospital to get it checked, but as he gets up to do so, he experiences his first transformative shift. Unable to understand or comprehend what has come over him, he goes into a panic and lapses into a feral state. The commotin draws the attention of his housemates, but frightened by the strange creatures closing in on him, this newly ascended chupacabra flees the vicinity to avoid capture by them.
The next morning, Monty finds himself waking up in a wooded rural area in Delaware, dazed and confused as to how he had gotten there. But soon after, he is encountered by a seemingly docile but jovial wolf named Kirin who reveals himself as a kindred called BioTech and discloses the manifest of his newfound being while bringing him to his fellow charter of Phi Sigma Delta. After informing his leutenant - a militaristic opposum named BioTank - of his "baptism", he is placed into a regimen that will help him in identifying the signs of oncoming shifts and will prepare him for possible engagement with future enemy combatants.
After another party member, a jackelope named (what else?) BioJack regales the sorority with tales of his encounter with Monty's lycanform, he bestows the codename of BioVortex upon him (there's the connection to Phazon's charachter) - but he doesn't like the name they give him, and decides instead to give the designation of Anti to himself. After his training is completed, Monty is deemed ready and is released into Tech's temporary custody for his trip home. Along the way back, Monty continues to harness his powers of both his mortal and lycan forms (rough synopsis is that he's an amalgamut of The Hulk, Spiderman's Venom, Spawn and Jack's Reckoning - with a good hearty dose of Beetlejuice for some ghoulishly ribald comic relief) and meet other kindreds, anthroids and mortals that serve as additional guidance as he reevaluates his life and ponders the meaning behind why this strange and bewildering twist of fate has happened to him.
After arriving in Tennessee, they are encountered by the Memphis Four - Dome, Flow, Gen and Polar - and he is engaged in a battle with them to see if he is ready to fight and defend his fellow soldiers in combat. He succeeds in subduing them, but they are startled by just how powerful this particular creature is. Assured that he is safe in their care, Tech returns to his sorority and releases him into their custody for last minute tutoring. While temporarily lodging with them, Monty - and Anti - discover another startling surprise about their ascension: they are now apparently no longer among the living. Anti is distraught over the fact that he doesn't have a heart in his possession while Monty discovers that his has now become an unbeating, blackened mass. Perplexed by this, they are both now convinced that something else is now at play and that their advent was no accident. And as the missing blanks fill themselves out, they discover that the people in their neighborhood have mistaken him for the monster that's been on the prowl in town - and that he has caused uneeded fear and grief for his fellow housemates - Poincarius in particular because he had the misfortune of witnessing the whole thing as it happened.
They decide that they need to return home immediately to set the record straight and undo the damage they've done to their community, but upon arrival, Monty discovers that the town has now been deserted and boarded up. And after entering the sharehouse and seeing it in upheaveal, he realizes that Zion has attacked the residents. After going into attack mode, he senses a secondary presence inside the house, discovering that it's the household's youngest member Joshua, the nephew of his house adversary Douglas Mutson, who has been in hiding from the monster for almost three weeks by then. He is informed by the young pup that Zion has been trying to track him down and that he's taken the others in the house hostage. And then, Anti makes the most shocking discovery of all about himself - and discovers that Zion is the one of the four known as Pestilence. Angered by the revelation brought on by this news, he now knows that he has to rescue his fellow mates and exact his revenge on Zion for cursing him to this destiny. And before the smoke clears, he will be confronted with the manifest of his new identity - but will he follow the path fate has laid out before him or will he chart his own course and choose his own destiny?

[ !-- END COPYPASTA --! ]

Again, what do you think? I know the rough idea i've got is pretty derpy so far, but i'm not sure if i should go through with it now or just wait until it has a more tangible and realized narrative... :*\~

**EDITS: Meh, nobody has any insight on what i should do with this? O.o'

Date: 2010-07-15 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Interesting! I'm sorry I don't have any advice, though. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it.

Date: 2010-07-16 12:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, it's ok... It still a rough idea yet, but that's essentially the core of the yarn's concept so far. <:*)~ It is kinda discouraging however that noone has really given me any sort of input on it yet and let me know if this would make for a good story idea. As i've said, i dunno if i should just go ahead with writing it and make it up as i go along or just wait until i have a more uniform narrative to go by from taking people's advice and use that method instead.

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