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Has anyone else had trouble with certain things on their computer after downloading the latest versions of Flash and the ActiveX plugin, or is this just a thing that's been restricted to XP so far?

For the last 20 hours now, i've been dealing with taskbar problems (it either locks up or disappears completely), random reboots and a nagging executable called "86630h8k" that seems to run in task manager before a restart...

The only other thing i DL'ed was a copy of Stomp RecordNow MAX (still need something to archive with) since i STILL haven't asked for some CD-R's to backup my stuff and i'm getting very nervous. Can anyone else help out with this?

**EDITS @ 9:20 PM ON APRIL 27TH:
It appears that at roughly 5:30 this morning, i had a run-in with a BSOD relating to whatever this issue is. Computer time will be severely limited until the issue is rectified.
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