Sep. 27th, 2007

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Even though i still have yet to make a few collage panels to finish up the CD booklet, it looks like a reissue of the mixtape i posted last year is pretty much certain.

And this time i didn't screw around with a million-times-used-already CD-RW on the rip like i did the last time... a few newly rediscovered leftover blanks from the ones i got last chrimbo, much better quality mp3's for some of the songs i used on the first rip and a proper scene-like rip on Exact Audio Copy instead of the stable 160's i made on Audiograbber.

I still had to rely on soundcard codec re-recordings for a couple of songs (the "Intermission" segment of Kung Pow, The Evaporators' "I Gotta Rash" and The People in Their 20s' "Hey Neighbor [Demo]"), but i'm sure you won't notice too much of a fidelity issue, other than some slightly audible flanging...

So keep your eyes peeled for it at some point! :*)~

**EDITS: In the meantime, why not preview it?

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