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Birthdate:Oct 7
Location:Cape Breton Island, Canada
Well, if you really must know who i am: My Name is Aladasian (pronounciation: ä'lä'dä'zë'än) W. Suricatus. I am a 33 year old male anthro meerkat from the lonely little isle of Cape Breton Island on the east coast of Canada.

And now what you've all been waiting for: MY DESCRIPTION! I have white patches with black eyelids framing my blue eyes (i wear glasses though... BLEH), moderately long blond hair, light dusky orange fur, my markings are brown except my tail tip and my paws and feet which are black like a fox's and i wear the patented black "Happyface" t-shirt by Nirvana and cut-off jean shorts.

I hope you come and visit my LiveJournal - OH! And don't forget to visit the site too, okie? I would really appreciate it! :D


My Furry Code is:
FC FHK2a A C- D H+ M- P R++ T++++ W Z Sm- RLAT a+ cn++ d- e f++++ h+ iwf j p- sm-.

AladasianTheAnthroMeerkat is
Ketchup & Mayo Sandwich Eatin' Love


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blueberry flavored jumper cables, derpes simplex, furries, having fun, killing loofah sponges, movies, music
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